International Activity

International activitity support group

Representative: Ichiro Yasuda (Representative of Research Project/A01-1 Principal investigator, Physical Oceanography/Fisheries Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Shuhei Masuda  (A01-2 Principal investigator, Physical Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Jun Nishioka  (A02-3 Principal investigator, Chemical Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Xinyu Guo  (A02-4 Principal investigator, Physical Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Naomi Harada  (A03-5 Principal investigator, Biogeochemistry/Paleo-Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Shin-ichi Ito  (A03-6 Principal investigator, Fisheries Oceanography)

Joint cooperator: Toshiyuki Hibiya  (A04-7 Principal investigator, Ocean Dynamics) Promoting committee on international collaboration study

Joint cooperator: Hiroyasu Hasumi  (A04-8 Principal investigator, Climate Modelling)


The international activity support group, in order to support international activities in research project related study areasis placed in the administration group. In this study areait is important to make research collaborations and exchanges with neighboring countries in order to conduct observation researches in the boundary waters of the neighboring countries, such as upstream regions of Kuroshio and Oyashio. We will prmote exchanges of research informations and researchers, in order to incorporate the excellent research and technology of the foreign countries, smoothly implement international joint research to be support as the study area.