OMIX International Symposium was held.

International Symposium “Ocean Mixing Processes: Impact on Biogeochemistry, Climate and Ecosystem”

Date: March 16 and 17, 2017

Venue: Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)












March 16 (Thu.)

9:00—9:30 Registration and coffee


9:30—10:00 Opening

Hiroyasu Hasumi (The University of Tokyo): Welcome and logistics

Ichiro Yasuda (The University of Tokyo): Introduction to the OMIX project



10:00—11:40 Session 1 (Chair: Toshiyuki Hibiya)

Michael Gregg (University of Washington): Turbulence observations: past, present and future









Ichiro Yasuda (The University of Tokyo): Development of methods and systems for vertical mixing and observations: overview of A01-1 results in 2015-2016

Chuanyu Liu (Chinese Academy of Science): Deep-reaching thermocline mixing in the equatorial Pacific cold tongue









Shuhei Masuda (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology): Pacific Ocean state estimation and clarification of mechanism of ocean circulation by data synthesis of global observations




11:40—13:00 Lunch

13:00—14:00 Poster (with coffee)










14:00—15:40 Session 2 (Chair: Shuhei Masuda)

Robert Pinkel (Scrips Institution of Oceanography): Deep ocean mixing by breaking internal tides










Toshiyuki Hibiya (The University of Tokyo): Revisiting fine-scale parameterizations for enhanced tidal mixing over a rough ocean bottom










Andy Hogg (The Australian National University): Lee waves, spontaneous generation and ocean mixing










Hiroyasu Hasumi (The University of Tokyo): Model development and impact assessment for ocean circulation, marine material cycles and climate by incorporating the effect of oceanic vertical mixing

15:40—16:10 Break and Poster (with coffee)










16:10—17:50 Session 3 (Chair: Shin-ichi Ito)

Kelvin Richards (University of Hawaii): Shear-driven turbulence in the natural environment











Sen Jan (National Taiwan University): Interleaving, internal tides, and instability waves in the Kuroshio east of Taiwan










Xinyu Guo (Ehime University): Mixing processes, nutrient transport, fundamental structure of ecosystem in the Kuroshio and its origin area










Naomi Harada (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology): Study on the change in lower trophic ecosystem and its complex mechanism in the North Pacific











18:30—20:30 Reception (at Hotel Forest Hongo)


 March 17 (Fri.)

9:30—10:00 Coffee


10:00—11:40 Session 4 (Chair: Naomi Harada)

Tony Koslow (Scripps Institution of Oceanography): Patterns of change in fish communities of the California Current and relationship with ocean forcing










Shin-ichi Ito (The University of Tokyo): Challenges on elucidation of climate variability impacts on living marine resources

Alessandro Tagliabue (University of Liverpool): The integral role of iron in ocean biogeochemistry










Jun Nishioka (Hokkaido University): Macro- and micro-nutrient cycles in the western north Pacific –Importance of marginal seas and North Pacific Intermediate Water–










11:40—12:30 Closing (Chair: Ichiro Yasuda)


Comments from the invited speakers (~10 min.)

Comments from the advisory board of the OMIX project (~10 min.)